Larry The Beer Guy, Craft Beer and Brewing Consultant Services


Staff Training

Could your restaurant or bar staff use more education on the basics of beer? Larry can review your selection and teach your staff more about San Diego and general craft beer. Why? More revenue. Better training will help your staff educate customers about beer, matching their tastes, creating a better experience and more revenue.



Beer and Food Pairing Events – Have Larry Host

Let’s demystify the fact that beer can be paired with food, as well or better than wine. How about we align your restaurants table fare with the right local beer? With beer complexity rising, people are looking for education and more beer food experiences. Let Larry help with your food and local beer selection and provide an educational experience for your guests.



Handle Selection

Are you setting up a bar or adding new beer to your beer selection? Selecting the right beer mix for you clientele will help improve sales and keep your beer selection relevant to the community. The days or having six beers on tap are over, same goes for having 25 beers that are not selling. You need to mix local beer in with the larger recognized names. Beer geeks spend for quality, so make sure you have the right mix.



Brewery Consulting and Recipe Development

Setting up a brewery is a major undertaking. For help with product sourcing, recipe development,  equipment buying, floor work flow and more, contact Larry. With years of brewing experience ranging from home systems to 10 bbl production systems, we can help. If your project is outside this scope, Larry can bring in other consultants to help with your project. Let’s talk.

Do you need help setting up a home brewing system or a larger micro brew system for your restaurant?  Call Larry to kick start your system.